Ongoing investment in technical and product innovation has led Fini to boost its product offer in the industrial sector with the introduction of the new K-MAX range: rotary screw compressors with direct transmission without gears, 22 and 37 kW power values, latest-generation ETIV electronic controllers and "Premium Efficiency" IE3 motors.
The K-MAX compressors have been designed to minimise energy costs without affecting performance. The modularity and flexibility of these products provide multiple solutions to satisfy the needs of different users: with or without dryer, in a fixed or variable speed version.
The direct transmission reduces energy consumption by up to 4% compared to belt transmission compressors, as it is more efficient. Having no belts or elastic joints means that transmission parts do not require any maintenance, which improves the compressor's reliability.
Moreover, our K-MAX compressors are extremely quiet: they employ efficient soundproofing materials that make them suitable for installation also near the workstation.


K-MAX  22 - 38

  • Available power values: 22 and 37 kW.
  • Compact and modular design.
  • Versions: floor-mounted, with or without dryer, fixed or variable speed.
  • Extremely efficient cooling system with centrifugal cooling fans.
  • ETIV electronic controller.
  • “Premium Efficiency” IE3 electric motors.
  • Max pressure 7.5-10-13 bar.
  • High performance air-ends: FS100, FS130, FS190, FS260.
  • Extremely quiet, from 58 to 69 dB(A).
  • Inverter from a leading global manufacturer, with built-in filters and inductance.
  • Cooling air pre-filtering panels to ensure greater cleaning for internal parts.
  • High performance and low energy consumption..


K-Max From 22 to 37 KW 2

K-Max From 22 to 37 KW 3