These Products include two separate towers that contain moisture absorbent substances and through solenoid valves and a digital controller the produced air is periodically directed to each of these towers and after reaching the designated dew point، it will be ready for use.

The moisture absorbent substances on these devices have rough surfaces that assist the process of absorbing moisture while air is crossing through. Small amount of the dried air is reused in the other tower to recharge these substances and prepare them for the next process.

The Moisture absorbent substances have a life cycle that depends on their type، quality and most importantly.

The distribution of air within the towers، therefore they loose their characteristics and require to be recharged.

Moisture absorbent substance selected to have quality، long life and be easy to maintain.

State of the art design of the towers so that best possible air circulation results a longer life of moisture absorbent substances solving maintenance and services defects using a command distribution control and electrical components

Easy to achieve standard dew point and upgrade air quality with these devices

High efficiency and energy saving heaters (In some models)

Dessicant Dryer
Dessicant Dryer
Dessicant Dryer


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