Coaxial rotary screw compressors without gears: all the power of the electric motor is transferred to the screw unit featuring top efficiency levels and operating reliability. The small size of the air - end / motor connection system allows for an extremely compact design for the compressor. It also means that the air dryer (optional) can be fitted inside the machine without affecting its overall dimensions. 
Noise levels ranging from 63 to 68 dB (A).

 cobe sd

CUBE SD 5 - 7 - 10


  • Available power values: 4، 5. 5 and 7. 5 kW.
  • Star - delta starter.
  • Extremely efficient cooling system.
  • Compact and modular design.
  • Quick and easy maintenance.
  • Versions: floor or tank - mounted، tank - mounted with a dryer.
  • ETMII electronic controller.
  • Max pressure 10 bar.
  • FS26TFC air - end.

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