MedicAir is our range of compressors specifically designed and manufactured for use in the medical-dental and dental technology field. 
The chosen design for these machines allows for top performance, reliability, durability and, clearly, the production of oil-free and dry compressed air that can be used in the dental technology field.

 Oil-free MedicAir compressors
Our MedicAir compressors are available in various versions and set-ups:

  • Dr SONIC: the most quiet product on the market, thanks to its special casing with soundproofing material, and fitted with a separate cooling fan. These models can be fitted with the exclusive adsorption dryer with one or two columns;
  • MED: made with the same components of the Dr. SONIC series, but without the special soundproofing casing.

Main features:

    ▪    100% oil-free compressed air to serve up to 8 dentist's units.
    ▪    Tanks with internal anti-oxidation protection.
    ▪    Quiet operation.
    ▪    Compact design.

Finally, the MED and Dr. SONIC also comprises the SIL-DRY and AIR-LAB models for dental and dental technology labs. They are specifically made to limit investment costs.

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